An easy to use application, to take an existing video stream, and re-streaming via another web server.

About Restream4ME

RESTREAM4ME is Windows software that makes it easy for you to take a HTTP Live Streams video stream (.m3u8 url), or H.264 Transport Stream (.ts url) from an existing web server, or stream you've generated locally, and restream it as a .m3u8 stream on another website.

The software is compatible with all target web servers. The beauty of .m3u8 streams is that it's based on standard HTTP and files. We test with Apache and IIS web servers, but all others server should would too. The stream is delivered to your web server via FTP, SFTP or directly to filesystem directory.

Currently the software is limited to HTTP Live Streams, including AES encrypted content. Other stream types may be supported in future depending on demand.

How to use RESTREAM4ME

The video below gives a brief demonstration of how to setup Restream4ME, restreaming a couple of .m3u8 streamson another website.


The current version of RESTREAM4ME can be downloaded from

Without a license installed, RESTREAM4ME will run for a maximum of an hour at a time, so you can evaluate the application. A full license for RESTREAM4ME costs US$35. Be sure to the try the application first before buying a license as no refunds are available.

Restream4ME (New Zealand users)

License costs US$35 (inc GST). A license key will be emailed to you.

Restream4ME (International Users)

License costs US$35. A license key will be emailed to you.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us if you need help with using RESTREAM4ME, or would like to talk about custom versions to meet your specific needs.